A checklist for writing teacher’s notes

If you want teachers to use your materials in class, then write a set of notes to accompany them. Here’s a checklist of what you might you write for a set of teacher’s notes, accompany material for a lesson. You will also find some or all of these features in a published teacher’s book.

Short description of what the material is about. [   ]

The main teaching aims. [   ]

The rationale for the material. [   ]

Answer keys. [   ]

Listening and video scripts. [   ]

Reasons for an exercise. [   ]

Timing. [   ]

How to manage an exercise in a class. [   ]

Ways you can vary an activity for different contexts. [   ]

Alternative activities. [   ]

Anticipated problems.  [   ]

Language and errors to monitor for during an activity. [   ]

Ways of giving feedback. [   ]

Extra activities and photocopiables. [   ]

Background and/or cultural notes about a topic. [   ]

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